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Addressing brain-drain to strengthen Moldova as a reserach and development hub

Addressing brain-drain to strengthen Moldova as a reserach and development hub

The International Organization for Migration, Mission to the Republic of Moldova, in cooperation with Academy of Science of Moldova, has launched the program „Addressing brain-drain and strengthening Moldova as a research and development hub through temporary return of expatriated Moldova scientists.” The aim of this program is to enhance the contribution by scientsists born in Moldova and who at present reside abroad through their expertize to the development of the scientific and economic sectors of the Republic of Moldova.

In order to facilitate this process of scientific colaboration and transfer of know-how, IOM will offer grants, on the basis of an open and transparent competition, to a number of 30 researchers who wish to return to Moldova for a period of 7-11 days to realize short-term activities in one of the research or academic institutions from Moldova. read more. 

 The interested candidates are required to fill in and submit the annexed questionnaire to the below e-mails until 15 September, 2010. The questionnaire can also be found on the following web-sites:,, and Following the receipt of the questionnaire, the selected candidates will be asked to present a more detailed plan of activities to be implemented in Moldova during their visit. The final candidates will be slelected by an evaluation commission, formed of representatives from the  concerned organizations and research institutions, as well as IOM and ASM.

For more details, please contact:

Dr. Lidia Romanciuc
Director, Center of International Projects, ASM
Tel./fax: (+373 22) 270774
MD-2001, Chişinău, bd. Stefan cel Mare 1, of. 433/440
Website:  /

Vitalie Varzari
Main Specialist, European Integration and International Cooperation Unit, ASM
Tel./fax: (+373 22) 212547

Ludmila Vasilov
Migration and Development Assistant, IOM
Tel: (+373 22) 232940 (ext.140)
Fax: (+373 22) 232862


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Questionnaire - Application Form